Zia Al Jazeera English title Ziam gas price jumps to more than $300 per million British thermal units article Ziam, a tiny coastal city in Saudi Arabia, has the world’s biggest proven reserves of gas and is home to a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) port.

But the town is also experiencing a housing boom and a boom in domestic gas production.

And the town’s new mayor, Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sheikh, says he wants to keep Zia in its grip on energy production.

The new mayor has said he wants Zia to retain as much as possible of its gas-producing capabilities and said that in the coming decades, the country will see a boom for domestic gas, and that the country should focus on natural gas production.

“In the coming 10 to 15 years, we are going to see the world boom for gas, in the form of natural gas and then we will see the market boom for natural gas.

But the market is very volatile, we have to be careful, because the market changes.

And Zia will need to be very careful, to make sure that we are prepared for the market,” Sheikh Abdulrahim Al-Shikh, who is also a former minister of finance and energy, told Zia.

The town’s mayor has also said that he wants the town to retain some of its domestic gas-production capabilities, such as its LNG facility and a coal-fired power plant.

However, Sheikh Al-sheikh also said he does not want Zia residents to get hooked on Zia gas, which he claims is much more expensive than natural gas in Zia, as the country is currently importing natural gas from the Middle East.

“If we import from the United States, the price is higher.

But if we import gas from Zia we will have to pay the higher price because Zia is a gas producing country, so the price should not be much higher than natural,” he said.

But Sheikh Alsheikh said he did not want residents to pay more for Zia natural-gas imports, as Zia had a strong economic relationship with the US and is therefore more important to the US than the rest of the world.

“We will have a strong relationship with America.

If we want to buy gas from them, we should buy from them.

But we should not buy from countries which do not have an economic relationship, such a country as Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

And we will not have a relationship with Zia unless we have a good relationship with Qatar, with Saudi Arabia and with Russia,” Sheikh Al Sheikh said.

Al-Sheik also said Zia has a strong cooperation with Russia, as Russia has been supplying Zia with its LPG gas.

“The Russian government has agreed to buy all of our LPGs, the amount of gas we need for Ziam.

And the Russians will provide the LPG from Ziam to Russia,” he added.

Al Sheik said he hopes that the Zia mayor’s efforts will help Zia remain relevant in the region.

“I believe that Zia can be a good, stable, prosperous country in the future.

I do not think that Ziam is going to become a major oil-producing country, but I think Zia should have a position in the Middle-East,” he told Ziam Today.