Russian natural gas exports to the United States are up by about a quarter in the past year as a result of President Donald Trump’s administration’s decision to ban the importation of Russian gas.

Trump announced the ban on Feb. 16, saying that Russian gas supplies could pose a threat to U.N. climate negotiations in Paris next year.

“I will not be able to get our countries energy back in the United Nations if we do not stop the flow of Russian natural resources to Europe,” Trump said at the time.

The White House said the ban had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign pledges to block Russian gas imports.

However, Trump has previously called the export ban a “disaster” and a “massive gift” to Russia.

A White House official told POLITICO that the new U.D.A. order was a result to Russia’s increased exports to other countries in response to Trump’s new restrictions.

“President Trump’s decision has had a positive impact on our gas markets and on the supply of natural gas across the U,S.,” said the official, who was not authorized to discuss internal policy.

“The U.K. has had increased gas imports from Russia over the past few years.

The new Russian gas export ban, which will not affect those imports, is part of President Trump’s strategy to ensure that Russian natural resource exports will remain unrestricted and that the U