Natural gas can be an environmentally friendly energy source, but the world is still burning it.

Natural gas has been in decline in the U.S. and elsewhere since the 1970s, as more and more of the gas produced is converted into electricity.

The U.N. agency says that the world will need to ramp up natural gas production to reduce emissions from the fossil fuel.

The issue is becoming more and less a one-way street, with the United States still the largest producer of natural gas in the world.

That means that countries like Russia, India and Brazil have significant natural gas reserves, while others like China and the United Arab Emirates are developing their own.

The two-thirds of natural-gas production worldwide comes from the United Kingdom, while Russia and China are the biggest natural gas producers.

In a world of declining natural gas, there’s a lot of competition to keep that supply coming.

And natural gas is often a dirty, energy-intensive energy source.

According to the U of L’s Global Energy Outlook report, about a quarter of global energy demand is for electricity.

So it’s natural for the U