FourFourtwo has teamed up with Natural Gas Viscera Trust to put together a handy list of the natural gas giant’s biggest tickers.

While gas companies generally have tickers that tell you how much gas is in their reserves, the Tickers for Gas Industry ticker only tells you how many gas tanks are in the facilities, not how much natural gas there is left in the ground.

The Natural Gas Tickers are available for download here.

Here are some of the gas companies that are among the most ticked:All of these companies have ticker numbers that tell us how much water is in the underground aquifers, how much methane is trapped underground, and how much carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere.

The natural gas tickers for each company are also available for downloading.

All of the tickers are downloadable in PDF format and can be used by any person, not just professionals.

The tickers will be updated frequently to show how much CO2 is still in the environment and how many new oil and gas reserves have been found.