article Natural gas leak: The tiger natural Gas leak has left communities across northern Ireland reeling.

The gas leak was discovered last night in the city of Rathmines, Co Donegal, and caused a major concern for people living in the area.

The town has been closed off and officials are on high alert.

The Natural Gas Safety Agency has confirmed that it is aware of the leak.

The company that owns the natural gas company that was the source of the gas has not commented.

The source of natural gas is not known.

There have been a number of reports of people being affected by the natural disaster, with many in the Irish public expressing concern over the gas leak.

People have been evacuated from the area and many businesses have closed.

In Donegal there have been reports of gas being released into the air.

In the city there has been some reports of smoke being emitted from a fire, but there has not been any reports of damage to property.

In a statement released on Sunday evening, the Natural Gas Agency said:The gas is leaking into the ground and the local authority is taking precautionary measures to ensure there is no risk to people.