This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill that will allow Russia to buy natural gas from overseas for the first time in its history.

But before it can be shipped to its consumers, the bill must pass through Congress.

Here’s what you need know about what’s in the bill.1.

Russia will buy $1.1 trillion worth of natural gas over the next 30 yearsThis is the largest gas deal signed by a Russian president in history, surpassing the $1 trillion deal that he signed with China in February.

In addition to selling gas to Russia, the deal will also include other benefits for the Russian economy.

The bill will allow the country to boost its production of natural gases.

This includes the construction of new gas plants that will be used to boost Russian exports to other countries.

The new gas fields are expected to increase Russia’s natural gas exports by about $300 billion a year, according to Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned gas giant.2.

The gas deal also allows for the privatization of gas pipelinesRussian President Vladimir V. Putin signed the gas deal with the United States in February, a week before the US and European Union (EU) agreed to a temporary moratorium on the construction and use of new pipelines and other infrastructure projects.

The Russian president also signed an agreement with Iran that allows the country’s state oil company Rosnefts to buy the bulk of its gas from Iran and Iran’s central bank.

The deal will help Rosnefys profits, but also means that the Iranian central bank has to buy up some of the money that the Russian state has raised to invest in its own infrastructure.

That’s why it is likely that Iran will see a substantial gain from the deal.3.

The pipeline deal will increase Russia exports of natural resourcesThe pipeline deal has the potential to increase the value of the countrys natural gas industry, according the World Resources Institute (WRI).

The new pipeline deal gives Russia a chance to sell its gas to foreign customers, including countries in Europe, Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The price of the gas will be lowered, and the country will be able to sell gas at a lower price than it could have done under the previous pipeline deal.

In exchange, the price of natural Gas from Russia will go down.4.

The sale of Russian gas will boost Russia’s economic growthThe sale of Russia’s gas will benefit the Russian government, as it will boost its economy.

Putin has already signed contracts with other foreign governments to buy gas from other countries and has already received billions of dollars from foreign investors in the deal, according a report from the European Commission (EC).5.

The Russia gas deal is expected to boost the economy of RussiaThis deal will allow for the opening of a new gas pipeline that will link the new gas field to the Russian mainland.

The plan will increase the volume of Russian natural gas coming into the country, which would help Russia maintain its position as a global energy leader.

The government hopes that the deal also helps to make Russia a more attractive location for foreign investors to invest.

This will help the Russian treasury, which is currently facing a large debt load due to the cost of energy imports.