ENGADGET has exclusively learnt that Shell has developed a new drilling equipment designed to extract gas from remote locations in eastern England.

The company’s newest drilling rig, designed to operate in the same area of England as its existing drilling rig in Devon, is the first in the UK to be fitted with the new “NEMO” technology, which will allow it to drill into areas where the UK’s gas reserves are still unproven.

The new drilling rigs, which Shell says will be used in areas where natural gas is currently untapped, will also be able to drill down to the deepest areas in the country, the company said.

The equipment is based on the same technology that Shell uses to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale in the US, which has helped the company to secure an estimated $US30 billion ($36 billion) in funding over the past five years.

It will be the first drilling rig to be produced by Shell in the eastern part of the country since the Marcellsons and will be built in Cornwall, Devon.

Shell’s first drilling rigs are currently in the Marcolinsons, Devon, where the company is working to build the new drilling gear.

But the company’s recent investments in drilling equipment in the region have been criticised by environmental campaigners.

The drilling rig was unveiled at Shell’s annual shareholders meeting in London in March and Shell said it would spend an additional $US1 billion on new drilling capabilities in 2017.

It said the new rig would be “designed to operate as an asset in the area and will help Shell achieve its objectives in this area”.

The drilling gear will be equipped with a hydraulic fluid and other technology to allow the rig to drill in “very difficult and inaccessible” areas, according to the company.

“Shell has long recognised the need for the drilling rig industry in England and Wales,” said Shell spokesman Mark Taylor.

“Our focus in 2017 will be on building our UK assets and creating new jobs in the drilling industry.”

The company continues to invest in infrastructure, including its current oil and gas exploration and production in Cornwall.

“The drilling rigs will be able drill in the deep sea for natural oil and natural gas as well as shale gas.

In recent years, Shell has invested heavily in new drilling technology.

The company has a large shareholding in two of the UKs largest shale gas companies – EDF and BP – which are among the world’s largest oil and chemical companies.

In January, Shell said the company was “concerned” by the “dramatic decline in production” in the North Sea as a result of climate change.

The Shell exploration and development arm, Shell Gas Exploration, has more than 700 staff, including more than a dozen scientists, who are working to develop technology to exploit gas from shale formations in the west of the United Kingdom. 

The company said that the new equipment was “built for the future” and would help to reduce pressure on the companys offshore oil and shale production.