A Trump administration official has defended the president’s push for spending trillions to increase energy production.

In a series of tweets Monday, Trump said the nation needs to build an “energy boom” to meet the nation’s energy needs, and that “we are going to do it.”

“I don’t think the people want to be dependent on OPEC,” White House deputy press secretary Alex Conant said.

“They want to get their energy from the United States.”

Conant, in his first public comments on the president since the inauguration, said that the Trump administration would “reinvent the energy industry.”

“We are going the right direction.

We are going after the oil companies,” he said.”

We have to take back our oil.

We have to go after the coal companies.

We’re going to make the most of our oil, coal, gas and natural gas.

We’ll have an energy boom.”

But Conant didn’t offer any details on how the Trump Administration would proceed with that effort.

He also suggested that the administration would have to work through Congress.

“The Congress will have to get involved in the energy debate,” he tweeted.

“But I think that is something we are going, again, to be doing over the coming months.”

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Conant described his boss as a “prominent figure” in the oil and gas industry and a “legendary figure” for his administration.

“As a leading figure in the shale oil and natural-gas industry, President Trump is one of the most influential and influential politicians in the country.

We will keep working with him and his team to get America’s energy economy going again,” he wrote.