Posted October 02, 2018 09:02:23A natural gas meter installed by the company Tiger Natural has been moved from its former home at the Nashville Gas and Electric plant to a new, larger facility.

Tiger Natural will begin the move on Wednesday, October 10.

The new facility will allow for better energy efficiency and better customer service.

TIGM plans to use the new facility for its operations and other operations.

The company’s new headquarters is located at 3200 East Tennessee Street.TIGM is the owner of two natural gas storage facilities in the Nashville area.

One of them is at the plant, which has been vacant since January 2018.

The other is at a vacant property in the city.

The site is owned by the city of Nashville, and is owned and operated by TIGC.

The former Tiger Natural gas meter sits at a site owned by TPG and has been on the property since January 2017.

The old Tiger Natural meter sits in a vacant lot near the plant.

TigM says the new building will provide more space for customers to work.

It will also make the facility more energy efficient, reduce the amount of energy that the meter takes in, and reduce maintenance costs.TOGM says that when the new Tiger Natural facility opens, the current Tiger Natural site will be turned into a fully-service, energy-efficient facility.