The biggest story of 2018 was a major setback for Trump’s nuclear weapons program.

The Obama administration approved construction of two new nuclear warheads, but it was a massive setback for the White House and the US military.

Trump, who had promised that he would cancel the program, issued a statement saying that he is “not going to accept the result of the nuclear negotiations that have been taking place in Vienna, Austria.”

In his statement, Trump called the decision “bad for our country and for the world.”

In a tweet, he accused Russia of “playing the Iran-Contra game,” which is “totally inhumane.”

The president said he had “no choice but to make this decision.”

Trump’s comments came after the US Navy announced that it was scrapping its plans to construct a new nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Ronald Reagan, in 2021, after being delayed for more than three years.

The move came after Russia and China both said they would not sign an international agreement that would give the United States control over their nuclear arsenals.

The US has been ramping up its own nuclear arsenal, building and maintaining more than 300 nuclear weapons.

The Pentagon has said that it has plans to build two more nuclear-armed submarines.

The nuclear weapons were originally designed for use by the US during the Vietnam War.

The Reagan and its sister ships were retired in the early 1990s.

Since the end of the Cold War, the United Kingdom, France, and Russia have all deployed nuclear-capable submarines.