A Russian natural gas producer has been sentenced to five years in prison for selling natural gas in Russia’s largest region.

The court said in a ruling on Thursday that Alexander V. Makarev, a natural gas company executive, sold gas in 2011 for more than $10 billion to Gazprom and several other companies.

According to the ruling, Makarebovs sales included natural gas for the construction of a natural-gas pipeline, which was used for gas exports.

The court ruled that Makareevs company, Rostelecom, violated the law and violated his contracts.

In a statement, the Russian Federation’s state energy regulator said it was “disappointed with the court’s decision” and called for Makarebs punishment.

The regulator also called for his prosecution.

The Kremlin said in September that Makarenovs case was “extremely serious” and that the investigation is ongoing.

It said Makareva is expected to plead guilty to the charges.

Makarev’s lawyer said that Makarovs case has already been sent to a lower court, and that his client will appeal the ruling.

The case is expected for the court of appeals in 2018.