A new video shows how Centerpoint’s natural gas torch is making a real difference in the lives of communities.

The clip, titled ‘It Was The Best Thing that Ever Happens To Natural Metals,’ is from Centerpoint, the company that makes the natural gas torches that are used in energy-efficient homes.

It features the CEO of Centerpoint explaining how the torch is used in homes across the U.S. “To help our customers stay connected to the electricity grid, we’ve made it easier to plug in,” Centerpoint CEO Mark Kwan said in the video.

“Our natural gas lantern can be installed in a home, and the LED light allows you to see exactly where the gas is coming from.”

“So now you can plug in your smart home, the fridge, the TV, and see the power in your home,” he added.

“You can also see how much gas is in the system and you can also measure the power to your home.”

The video shows the power of the natural-gas torch in a Houston home.

The torch is able to draw energy from the home’s electrical grid, allowing Centerpoint to provide power to its customers.

The video was released just a week after Centerpoint announced it had received approval from the U,S.

Department of Energy to install a new natural gas lighting system at its Houston headquarters.

The installation was a response to the rise in demand for natural gas as a natural-resource alternative to coal.

But the company said that the new natural-solar lantern, which it has been developing, will provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional energy-saving devices.

“The new natural lighting system will be available for sale through Centerpoint stores and other Centerpoint retail outlets beginning in December,” the company wrote in a press release.

“Customers who wish to purchase a Centerpoint natural-energy lantern will be able to do so through CenterPoint’s online store starting on January 20, 2019.”

In addition to being an energy-efficiency product, the natural lighting device can also be used in residential homes, which are more energy-hungry and have more electrical demand.

“We are excited to introduce this new natural energy system to the Centerpoint family of products, and we are confident that the energy savings will prove more than just an additional expense in the long run,” CenterPoint said in a statement.

“This is an extremely innovative product that can significantly improve the energy efficiency of our homes and businesses.”

The company said the natural natural gas lamp will be priced between $2,000 and $3,000.

It will be installed on an array of natural gas pipes in homes.

In Houston, where the new system is located, more than 5,000 homes are connected to natural-generation sources.

A study by the U.,S.

Army Corps of Engineers found that homes with natural-fueled appliances like the natural solar lantern have lower carbon emissions than other homes.