Pascahontas, Miss.

— As the nation’s fourth-largest city, Pascass is known for its deep-sea mining and coal mining.

A new drilling and fracking project has been proposed at the site of the old coal mine, but officials say the project is in the very early stages of construction.

“We have a lot of exploration activity,” said Tom Clements, president of the Pascascass Economic Development Corp. Pascass, Miss., which lies within Mississippi’s western edge, has had some of the highest oil and gas production in the United States since it was incorporated in 1874.

In addition to the coal mines, the city has a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles and nearly 10,000 workers that are involved in the mining of shale gas and oil.

Officials at Piscahonta, which is located on the Mississippi River about 40 miles southeast of Jackson, Miss, declined to provide any further information about the proposed drilling and development of the mine.

The proposed mine is being developed by the Energy Resources Group, a partnership of ExxonMobil, Duke Energy, Sunoco Logistics and other companies, the company said in a statement.

The site is being leased for five years, according to the statement.

The new mine would include an area of about 2,200 acres of land.

The company said it was not yet clear how much the company expects to recover from the project.

Clements said the company is working with the city to make sure the project complies with local environmental laws and regulations.