With natural gas surging, prices on the black market are going through the roof.

Now, it’s time to save your hard-earned cash.

We’ve rounded up the best deals in the market, with prices starting at $2.75/MMBtu for a 1.8-million-barrel-a-day unit.

We’ll also break down all the deals you can snag at your local gas station.

We’re going to break down the best gas prices for this month, starting with gas prices in New York City.

It’s a little early in the month to be getting gas from New York, but we do have some good deals on tap right now.

First up, if you’re in New Jersey, you’ll find a deal on a 1-MMBtpd unit for $2,700, which is almost $4/Mbtu.

You can also get a 2.2-Mbtpd (a bit more expensive than $2/M) unit for the same price for $3,000, which would give you a total of $8/M.

Next up, you can find a 1 MMBtps (a little more expensive) unit from GasBuddy for $1,000.

That would put you up to $12/M for that 1 Mmbtps.

If you want to save some money, you could also save $2 per 1Mb/gal, or $4 per 1.5Mb.

Lastly, if your goal is to save even more money, look no further than the $4.50/M BNEF/DET deal from GasDiesel.

That’s the same deal you get from gas stations like Costco, and it’s actually much better than gas stations.

For gas prices, here’s how you can save money on gas with our guide to the best natural gas deals for gas in the United States.