A natural gas delivery service provider in Florida says its customers can expect to pay about $20 per month for natural gas.

But customers should be aware of what’s going on with their own bills.

For example, a customer who purchases a 30-year lease on their home can expect a monthly bill of about $1,600, but if they use the service, they can expect an annual bill of $8,400, according to The Natural Gas Report.

A homeowner can expect their bill to be about $7,400 annually, according, and they could also be able to get an additional $6,000 or more from the natural gas provider if they purchase a new home, according.

A customer can also expect to see their bill go up about 10 percent annually as they purchase gas from the service.

That means if they own a new, high-end home, they could be charged about $2,600 for gas for the first year, then $1 and $1.50 per gallon thereafter.

For those who don’t own a home, their bill could increase to about $3,000 for the initial year, $1 per gallon for the next year and $2 per gallon in the third year.

That could mean a bill of around $10,000 per year for a typical customer.

In Florida, natural gas customers can purchase a gas meter at a gas station or online.

But the state also requires customers to install a meter at home.

In this case, the company, Natural Gas Services, offers customers a one-year contract, but it will only be valid for 10 years, which is why the company recommends the installation of a meter.