The latest from The Washington Times on the Keystone XL pipeline controversy:What the government says about the proposed Keystone XL PipelineThe pipeline proposal from the State Department is in the works for review and approval.

The process for the approval of the pipeline is complex and takes years.

Here’s how you can use natural gas to save energy.

How to use natural sources of energy to save powerWhen natural gas is used to heat a home, it releases heat energy.

Heat energy is the power to keep a home warm.

If you heat a room to the point where it feels hot, you’re burning heat energy to keep the room warm.

Natural gas uses this energy to generate steam that drives the building’s heating system.

The steam is a byproduct of heating the natural gas, which is stored in a natural gas storage tank.

This tank is called a natural-gas storage facility.

If your home is heated using natural gas and your home has a natural storage tank, the tank can be plugged into your home’s natural gas supply.

If your natural gas tank isn’t plugged into the natural-Gas Supply, it will become unplugged and you’ll be without heat for a few days.

If the natural storage system is plugged into a natural natural gas generator, it’ll burn heat energy, which will heat your home.

When this happens, it turns the home into a steam-powered home.

If this happens a lot, your home will become more like a steam engine.

If you’re using natural- gas to heat your natural-storage tank, it’s important to remember that natural gas isn’t going to be as efficient as other energy sources, such as wind or solar.

Natural-gas plants can produce power for up to a month at a time.

If there are lots of natural-fueled generators, the power won’t last as long.

Natural-gas electricity is typically used in homes that have a natural power grid.

In these homes, natural gas can be used to generate electricity and maintain the natural power system.

For example, if you have a wind farm, natural-power plants could generate electricity for a day and deliver that electricity to your home when you’re not in the home.

In this situation, natural fuel is the most efficient source of electricity, because wind turbines and solar panels can generate electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Natural fuel is also more reliable, because it doesn’t require fuel.

In other words, it can be reused.

Natural gas can also be used as a heat source for appliances and refrigerators.

Natural Gas Appliances and refrigerates can be powered by natural gas.

For a refrigerator, naturalgas can be heated to the normal temperature of natural gases by plugging the tank into the generator and powering the heating system with natural gas power.

Natural Fuel Gas For appliances, natural gasoline is a gas that is compressed at high pressure and stored in the gas tank.

When the natural fuel gas is stored at high temperature, it is more efficient than natural gas that isn’t heated.

Natural gasoline uses about 1.2 to 1.4 percent of the electricity that natural gasoline uses.

Natural Energy Energy from natural energy sources can help reduce your carbon footprint.

You can learn more about energy from natural sources at the Environmental Working Group’s Natural Gas Handbook.