An unprecedented attempt to tackle the country’s gas industry has been blocked by the Government, after the Government was unable to agree on the way forward.

A “Gang” of eight ministers met yesterday and concluded that the Government’s proposals to limit the number of gas exploration licences issued to the gas industry were not the way to tackle gas prices.

The meeting, which was held at Government House in Dublin, was the culmination of a two-week “Gag” process involving a public consultation on the gas exploration licence issue.

The Government is now facing a backlash from gas industry groups, including Natural Gas Ireland, which have called for the Government to consider a “Gigofest” approach.

“The Government’s current approach is to have one go and one licence issued for the first time.

We are concerned that the Gag of 8 could see that move fail,” said GIA director of campaigns and policy Andrew Donnelly.”

What are the issues facing the Irish gas industry?”

We believe the Government should take a different approach.”

What are the issues facing the Irish gas industry?