Atlanta, Georgia – The city of Atlanta will not be forced to buy new natural gas appliances from Georgia-based company CNG Natural Gas.

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled Monday that the company did not have to buy any natural gas dryers in Atlanta because Georgia has a natural gas policy.

The ruling was based on a decision from a 2011 court case in which Georgia voters approved a ballot initiative to ban all new gas-fired plants and require that gas be produced and used at a rate of 1,500 gallons per minute.

The company said the odor and fire hazards are real and the city did not meet its own environmental standards.

The city and company said they will appeal the ruling.

CNG has had a dispute with the Georgia Department of Environmental Quality for not complying with an order to buy gas appliances in the city.

The court ordered the city to buy a new gas appliance.

A spokesman for the city said the city was not buying new gas appliances and that the city does not have a natural-gas policy.

He said the company will continue to provide a naturalist with gas and electrical services and is not changing its natural gas policies.

Cng had been the sole natural gas provider in Atlanta until last year.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that in March, the city announced plans to purchase two new natural- gas boilers to replace the existing gas appliances.

The new gas heaters are scheduled to be installed by June.